Medical expenses and repatriation

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Medical expenses and repatriation

As a maritime employer you are responsible for the medical treatment and – if necessary – the voyage home if your crewmember is ill. With a varied crew in an international environment the costs can mount to a substantial sum. Anker provides full cover for the medical and repatriation costs. If the crewmember is replaced by a colleague, these travel expenses are also covered by insurance.

If it concerns a long hospitalization whereby the (medical) situation is serious or life-threatening, we consider it important that the relatives will be involved and in such cases it is possible to bring a family member over (from abroad) to visit.

Our services

The services provided by Anker Crew Insurance go further than the insurance policy. When a crewmember falls ill or has an accident, it is necessary to act quickly and adequately. Especially when it takes place far from shore, it means that many consultations with different parties need to be held. From the time an illness or accident is reported, our specialist will take control. The advantage is that you do not need to make an employee available ashore who arranges and coordinates all this, which saves you time and therefore money. The Anker Alarm Service takes care of all this and communicates with hospitals and medical staff to ensures that your crewmember receives the medical assistance needed.

Another aspect is that together with our partners we have access to a large network of medical specialists all over the world. This way you are certain that your crewmember will receive expert help anywhere around the world and that your crewmember can count on the best possible care.

The most important advantages are

  • 24/7 Anker Alarm Service
  • The best possible care for your crew
  • Designated contact person in case of illness or accident

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