A niche insurance company set up to help people.

As a crew insurer, We have been providing insurance coverage for crew members employed by maritime employers for over 110 years. We offer tailored insurance solutions to maritime employers to address the consequences of illness, disability, death in service, and accidents among their employees. Our solutions are customized to accommodate your payment obligations in accordance with collective and individual employment agreements and local laws and regulations. We also provide income and healthcare solutions for your employees.

Crew Insurance

We support maritime employers with insurance and services in caring for their crew members. Additionally, we offer crew management software.


Through our distribution partners, we offer insurance solutions for legal expenses, travel and leisure. Anker Rechtshulp provides expert assistance for legal issues.


AIM provides care and personal support to repatriated Philippine seafarers.

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As a niche insurer and specialist, we offer insurance and services to maritime employers and insurance solutions in the areas of legal aid, travel and leisure.

Amid a sea of uniformity and standardization, our aim is to provide uniqueness. We craft solutions through close collaboration with our partners and client groups, blending swiftness, effectiveness, and a personal approach with a human touch, loyalty, and dedication.


Closed on Ascension Day

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Closed Due To Good Friday and Easter Holidays

Due to Good Friday and Easter, we will be closed from Friday, March 29 through Monday, April 1.

From Tuesday, April 2, we will be open again. We wish you happy holidays!

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