More than 30% of the world’s crew members are Filipino.

We offer AIM’s services as a standard additional service in insurance solutions.

AIM provides professional assistance and personal guidance to repatriated Filipino crew members. AIM is based in Manila. Through AIM’s extensive partner network, they offer the best possible medical care.


The crew member is picked up from the airport by AIM. AIM accompanies the crew member to an initial medical check to have the further treatment path determined. AIM ensures that the crew member receives the best possible medical care. This is to expedite a proper recovery, so that the crew member is fit to board again as soon as possible. AIM also believes that personal attention and proper medical care help to ensure that a medical case does not become a legal matter.

AIM also offers lodging and accommodation in their guest house in Manila. This way, the crew member can stay close to the necessary medical treatment facilities.