Anker Insurance Company

More than 110 years as a maritime insurer.

As a crew insurer, Anker Crew Insurance has been insuring crew members employed by maritime employers for over 110 years. In doing so, Anker provides maritime employers with insurance solutions in the areas of sickness, disability, death in serevice, and accidents. Anker Crew Insurance’s services are tailored to the needs of maritime employers and their crew members.


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As an insurer operating within the maritime industry, we place great importance on actively participating in cultural and social activities and initiatives within this sector. Our aim is to engage with and contribute to the maritime community, fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration with other maritime organizations. Through these efforts, we aspire to bring added value to the maritime industry. Check our sponsorship page for more information.


Annemiek van Dijk-Bos

Managing Director


Norbert Schuur

Financial Director


Joris Bos

Technical Director

What distinguishes us

What distinguishes us

  • We provide crew insurance worldwide
  • Our insurances are for all maritime sub-sectors
  • You can reach us 24/7 via the Anker Alarm Service
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As a niche insurer and specialist, we offer insurance and services to maritime employers and insurance solutions in the areas of legal aid, travel and leisure.

In a world where many providers offer similar and standardized solutions, our goal is to stand out and offer something distinct. We develop our solutions in close collaboration with our partners and customers. This approach blends speed, efficiency, and customization with the human touch, loyalty, and a strong commitment to our clients’ needs.

Our approach revolves around clarity in our actions, knowing what we do, and equally, what we do not do. We work together with an open-minded spirit, rooted in trust and reciprocity. We are committed to being present when it truly matters. Our growth is driven by a continuous process of learning from one another, taking action, and embracing challenges with courage.