Good Governance

As an insurer, we have a social responsibility. For us, the interests of customers, partners and employees combined with continuity-driven thinking always take precedence over short-term (profit) thinking.

We are convinced that a well-functioning governance structure is necessary for the ethical and economically responsible functioning of an insurance company.

Governance principles

“Good Governance” and supervision holds significant importance within the insurance industry. In essence, it embodies responsible, honest, professional, and transparent leadership, with an emphasis on continuity and a fair consideration of various interests.

A pivotal standard guiding our governance is the Insurance Association’s Code of Conduct for Insurers. This code encompasses principles pertaining to ongoing education for executive and supervisory board members and the conscientious treatment of customers, all of which we diligently adhere to.

Furthermore, even though we are not publicly listed, we diligently apply the principles and best practice guidelines outlined in the Dutch Corporate Governance Code from December 2016, ensuring a proportional alignment with these standards.