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Who is Michelle? – The people behind Anker Crew Insurance

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My name is Michelle Hillenaar and I work as a marketer and product developer for Anker Crew Insurance. The best part of my job is contributing to realizing a total solution for maritime employers. This consists of clear insurance solutions and excellent services worldwide. And working on a strong brand as a financial services provider within the maritime sector.

What do you do daily?
I develop new insurance solutions and supplementary services tailored to the needs of our customers. We may adjust existing insurances, but we also develop new insurances and complementary services. For this we involve our customers and collaborate with our (distribution) partners. In addition, I conduct research in the field of developments in the market, with competitors and in the area of customer experience. Of course, I do this together with a dedicated team of specialists.

Furthermore, I am responsible for the marketing of Anker Crew Insurance. From this role I am involved in events, sponsoring, optimizing customer communication, branding and increasing the visibility in the market. I work closely with the online marketer, desk account managers and account managers.

Working at an international crew insurer is very dynamic. You have to deal with an international market. In addition, it is a real niche market that is constantly on the move. We work with an enthusiastic and dedicated team to deliver a total solution for our customers and their employees. In the event of an accident or illness, we provide the fastest and best care for maritime employees. It is fantastic to be able to contribute to this!

That’s Anker Crew Insurance, people matter most!

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