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My name is Marian Kregel and I work at Anker Crew Insurance since 2014. As desk account manager I have contact with our customers located all around the world about our insurance solutions and services on a daily basis.

But, what does a desk account manager do on a regular day?
Being a desk account manager, I know everything about our insurance solutions and services. My activities are: advising our customers about the insurance solutions, preparing quotations and replying to all kinds of questions that our customers or prospects have about the insurance cover. I also assist the key account managers when they visit customers around the world.

Working at an international and specialised insurance company makes my work very diverse and fun. I have a lot of contact with customers located in The Netherlands and abroad. Advising customers about the right insurance solutions for them is different each time. It all depends on which nationalities are on board, the different flag states, the different CBA’s and the applicable local rules and regulations. The human aspect can be found in our advice and in our services to our customers.

Together with the entire team of Anker Crew Insurance, we make sure our customers are insured properly and that crew members are well taken care of in case something happens to them on board.

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