The best care for your crew worldwide

The best care for your crew worldwide

One of your crewmembers has an accident while at sea and he needs to be transported to a hospital as quickly as possible. After being in contact with the Radio Medical Service, it is decided that evacuation by helicopter is required.

As soon as the hospital has been contacted, the medical team of the Anker Alarm Service will assess the diagnosis and treatment. Upon arrival in the hospital, your crewmember needs to recover so that he can be repatriated. The next step will be to bring him home and to set up a recovery programme. The rehabilitation programme will follow at home. Which doctor has to be consulted for this? Which programme provides the best recovery? All these matters need to be organized and arranged in addition to your daily work. Anker takes this concern off your hands!

Not only an insurance but a complete solution

The service provided by Anker Crew insurance goes much further than, for instance, just paying for medical expenses and airline tickets. We hold discussions with the relevant bodies, arrange the assistance of your sick employee, keep you informed and ensure that good medical care is guaranteed.

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