Yvonne Hoogerwerf

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Short communication lines, acting quickly and being solution-oriented

Anker Crew Insurance is an important contracting partner for Wagenborg. Anker is an insurer with a constructive approach to its customers and the insured persons. If a crewmember needs medical assistance, you would want this to be solved in the best possible way, with an alarm system that operates proactive and informs parties properly about the progress. Guarantees with regard to the hospital costs; payments, arranging repatriation, with or without (medical) escort, all this will be arranged by Anker. Anker (just like the shipping company/employer) considers it important that the medical care in the homeland of the crewmember is properly provided for. To that end they work together with local parties, which in turn work closely together in Manila with our crew managers there. A welcome addition for shipping company Wagenborg and its affiliated private shipping companies. Wagenborg generally attends to the insurances for the ship and the crew of these companies.

Short communication lines, acting quickly and being solution-oriented. Wagenborg is Sign of Solutions and Anker perfectly fits in with that, which is also shown in the administrative handling of the policy administration. The systems wil be adapted to each other, so that Wagenborg does not have an unnecessary amount of work in passing on data which Anker needs.

Yvonne Hoogerwerf
Corporate Insurance Manager
Royal Wagenborg


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