Marlena Holdermans & Sophie Bouhuys

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A practical hands-on insurer

We are very satisfied with the services provided by Anker Crew Insurance, because Anker is a practical hands-on insurer. Anker Crew Insurance understands our business and despite the fact that they are based in Groningen, they have a so-called Rotterdam approach: active and effective, which fits our company perfectly. The people at Anker understand that we work with seafarers. There is no standard situation and therefore the standard approach does not work. Anker Crew Insurance always takes a constructive approach and is solution-oriented. Tailor-made arrangements are very attractive for us because working in the international maritime sector always means customization. We ourselves also work with tailor-made arrangements for our clients and we therefore expect the same from our partners with whom we cooperate.

The claims handling department and the desk account manager department provide us with assistance and advice, and, if there are grey areas or uncertainties, they are also able to provide us with perfect advice. Recently, we have expanded our Anker Crew Insurance, insurance package, because we are very satisfied with their work. Initially, we had only taken out insurance policies at Anker for all our employees employed at foreign branches, but we have expanded this package to our Dutch entities.

All things considered, we find it important that we know the persons behind the departments. They know our colleagues well and through this good personal rapport it is in fact regarded as a collaboration between TOS and Anker Crew Insurance. We therefore warmly recommend Anker Crew Insurance as insurance partner for other maritime employers.

Marlena Holdermans & Sophie Bouhuys
Compliance Director & Legal Counsel

Marlena Holdermans & Sophie Bouhuys

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