Marcel Marree

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Where people are the binding factor!

‘The ‘personal touch’ is the hallmark of MF Shipping Group and sets it aside. The personal touch works in all areas of business, it may sound simple but it works. Anker Crew Insurance has more or less the same approach; their work is based on the idea that people matter most. In other words, being there at times matters, from person to person.

Our long-term business relationship requires a solid foundation built on trust and common interest. Anker Crew Insurance offers comprehensive national- and international Crew insurance solutions across the full spectrum of the maritime industry.

We have been doing business with Anker Crew Insurance for over more than 20 years. The staff is a pleasure to work with; they are friendly professionals and passionate about providing high quality service. Their attention to detail is greatly appreciated.

It’s a pleasure doing business with Anker Crew Insurance. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial business relationship with Anker Crew Insurance where people are the binding factor.

Marcel Marree
Crew Director
MF Shipping Group

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