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Anker Crew Insurance offers more than just good policies for our seafarers

Adje Burgers
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Service, product, industry knowledge, network and contactability of the highest level

Richard George
EMCS International Limited
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It’s people that matter most, rest is simply business

Pradeep Deol
TECO Maritime Group
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By far the best insurance solutions that we have seen in the maritime industry so far!

Nik Lim
Newrest SOS
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Short communication lines, acting quickly and being solution-oriented

Yvonne Hoogerwerf
Royal Wagenborg
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Flexible in customized solutions

Mathieu Henry
WYCC Insurance
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Where people are the binding factor!

Marcel Marree
MF Shipping Group
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A practical hands-on insurer

Marlena Holdermans & Sophie Bouhuys
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