Ruach Redwise

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Sponsorship of RUACH Redwise crew

In September 2016, the ship RUACH travelled 14,000 nautical miles (almost 26,000 kilometres) from the Netherlands to Australia. The RUACH is deployed for a good cause: providing medical assistance in remote places in Papua New Guinea. On this voyage the majority of the crew are volunteers. The captain of the schooner has many years of experience and has sailed for Redwise from as early as 1982. Redwise is market leader in delivering vessels across the globe. It supplies qualified crew and everything related thereto. Anker Crew Insurance has sponsored the crewmembers on board of the RUACH by providing insurance cover for the crew. Should anything happen, they too, can rely on the best medical care and repatriation.

A maximum of two persons may join part of the voyage. They pay and in doing so they contribute to the good cause. All in all the sea voyage will take almost four months. What does the sea route look like? Hamers: “The first leg is to the Canary Islands. From there to Cape Verde, thereafter to Panama and subsequently via Fiji to arrive in Newcastle Australia. In Newcastle the medical volunteers will embark and the voyage will continue to the remote villages of Papua New Guinea.

An update of the position of the ship is placed on a daily basis.

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