Practical example of repatriation

Practical example of repatriation

A 28-year old Indonesian man on board a tanker in New Orleans, USA, inhaled a toxic substance causing lung problems. He was admitted to a hospital and was discharged from hospital after three days. His lung capacity had not yet recovered sufficiently and he had to be flown to Jakarta with a medical escort and with extra oxygen. Anker Alarm Service arranged for a nurse to fly to New Orleans to accompany the crewmember while being repatriated. Via the airline company, arrangements were made for extra oxygen on board and for a wheelchair being available to cover the long distances at the airport. Together they flew to Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where the nurse was relieved by a colleague who travelled together with the crewmember to Jakarta. Upon arrival in Jakarta, the crewmember was transported to a hospital, where the medical data were shared with a physician so that a follow-up treatment plan could be made. The nurse returned to The Netherlands.

The crewmember has received the medical care he needed in his own country. After full recovery he returned to the tanker to resume his work.

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