Practical example of Medical expenses

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A practical example of Medical expenses

A 32-year old Ghanaian man fell on board a ship in Lima, Peru, while unloading general cargo. Due to a broken cable, he ended up under two bags with cacao and sustained injuries as a result: two rib fractures and his left lower leg was broken. He was transported by an ambulance from the harbour to the Hospital Clinica Internacional to be hospitalized. The shipping agent informed the shipowner and the crewing agent. The crewing agent contacted Anker. Subsequently, the Anker Alarm Service contacted the hospital.

The crewmember needed surgery to his leg, which could only take place after payment was made to the hospital. The Anker Alarm Service attended to the initial guarantee so that surgery could be performed.

After the operation the physician of Anker Alarm Service contacted the hospital to inquire about the operation. The attending physician indicated that the crewmember would be discharged from hospital in two weeks. The crewing agent was also informed about the state of affairs. Anker Alarm Service maintained contact with the attending physician and was informed that the crewmember would be discharged from hospital sooner. The day after  the crewmember was discharged from the hospital a room was booked in a hotel near the hospital where the crewmember could stay until his return to Ghana.

The final invoice amounting to $ 11,593,- was sent to Anker Alarm Service. After consultations with the hospital a reduction of $ 3,524,- was agreed upon. Further recovery of the crewmember took place at home until he could return to work on board one of the ships.

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