Practical example of Death in service

Practical example of Death in service

The crewing agent received a call from the shipping company that a 62-year old Polish man died on board the ship. Upon arrival in Pointe Noire, Republic of the Congo, the deceased crewmember was taken along by the local authorities. Because it was Saturday night, 4 am, the crewing agent immediately contacted the Anker Alarm Service. Thereupon, an employee of Anker Alarm Service contacted the shipping agent. From the Anker Alarm Service, the international mortician contacted the mortician in Pointe Noire. The surviving dependants were also informed about the man’s death.

Several documents needed to be filled and signed by the family. Via the crewing agent, contact was made with the relatives. The documents were signed and sent to the authorities in Republic of the Congo. Subsequently, the body was released and transportation to his home country could take place. The funeral company in Poland was contacted.
The surviving dependants were informed that the body of their deceased relative would arrive in Poland the following Saturday.

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