In line with our insurance solutions, we believe it is important to be able to provide broad support to maritime employers. To realize this support, we work closely with various partners.

AIM on crew recovery

AIM on crew recovery provides care and support to repatriated Philippine crewmembers. And AIM on crew recovery ensures that crewmembers receive the best possible care for a speedy recovery. This process requires intensive and personal guidance of the crewmember. AIM provides this guidance.

AIM on crew recovery looks after your sick employee in Manila and provides assistance when needed. For example to a consult of a physician or to an appointment in a hospital. AIM also arranges practical matters such as transportation, meals and accommodation. They have their own guesthouse in Manila. AIM on crew recovery has an extensive medical partner network in the Philippines.

Team AIM

More information on AIM can be found on their website.


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