Maritime Absenteeism Support Service

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Maritime absenteeism support service

All Dutch maritime employers who have taken out a sick leave insurance can rely on the additional Maritime Absenteeism support services. By way of informing and advising in an active manner, the Maritiem Verzuimsupport team assists you in controlling absenteeism.

Our staff assists you in preventing that your employees become unfit for work. We assist you in finding the best possible solutions for preventing or at least reduce sick leave for your entire organisation, including your crew members ashore.

One of the major points of interest in our services is the interaction between the (certified) health and safety service provider and the employer. Anker knows the maritime market and its underlying issues thoroughly. It is well aware of both the maritime rules & regulations and the applicable national rules & regulations. As a result of that, Anker is taking a facilitating and coordinating role for parties involved.

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Do you have questions about the services of Maritime Absenteeism support services? Please contact Swanhilde Henze-Bennink +31 50 520 99 09. Or send an email to

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