Introducing: Kim Leenders

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We would like to introduce to you our colleague Kim Leenders! Since the 1st of January, Kim has joined our team as a claims handler. 

Hello everyone! My name is Kim Leenders, I am thirty-five years ‘old’ and currently living on the border of the beautiful northern provinces Groningen and Drenthe.

Since the 1st of January of this year I have gratefully accepted the opportunity to dive into the maritime world by joining the Claims department of Anker Crew Insurance on a part time base. I am very pleased to work closely with both Martha and Erik and getting to know and assist the clients of Anker around the globe.

My experience so far is that the words ‘People matter most’ are not just words, every employee I have met at Anker is willing to collaborate and dedicated to provide the customers and crew members with the assistance they need.

When not at work, I like spending time in nature, whether on horseback, running, walking, sailing or below the water surface with an oxygen tank. However, the time for this type of leisure is limited. Our family was recently enriched with two young children and I am happily investing most spare time in these new globetrotters.

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