Introducing: Eric Martens

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Introducing: Eric Martens

We would like to introduce to you our colleague Eric Martens! Since the 1st of October 2019, Eric has joined our team as a Desk accountmanager.

Since October 1st , 2019 I have been working for Anker Crew Insurance as a Desk accountmanager. I live in Drenthe in the beautiful Eext together with my fiancé. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, visit the gym or take a long walk in the forest with our dog. I am also the team manager and assistant referee of the first team of our local football club.

At my job, I get a lot of energy out of the diversity that I experience daily. For example, by making custommade quotations I provide our customers with the right insurance solution for their specific needs. I think Anker Crew Insurance is a committed employer and I find the working atmosphere very pleasant.

Eric Martens
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