Introducing: Ard Veenhof

We would like to introduce to you our colleague Ard Veenhof! Since the 1st of April, Ard has joined our team as a policy administrator.

Hello! My name is Ard Veenhof. I Am 26 years old and live in the city of Groningen.

Since 1 April, I started working as a policy administrator at Anker Crew Insurance. I am not entirely new to Anker, since I worked as an on-call worker for Anker for four years in addition to my study. One day a week I performed several administrative tasks.

As a policy administrator, as the name may suggests, I am responsible for the administration of all Anker Crew Insurance policies.

In addition to my work, I play soccer in Drachten at the first team of Drachtster Boys, and I love spending quality time with my girlfriend, friends or family. I like to do sports (soccer, running, cycling) so I spend much time outdoors on my days off.

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