Twelve-year solution of absenteeism

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Twelve-year solution of absenteeism

Prolonged illness or occupational disability of a crewmember or your employee working ashore has great impact. As employer you run the risk that you have to continue to pay your employee for a maximum period of twelve years, which involves costs. The first two years you continue to pay the wage of your sick employee as long as this employee is in your employ. When it concerns an employee with a temporary employment contract who leaves the employment within two years after the first sick day, the sickness benefit wil be charged on to you. When, after two years, your employee is still ill, he or she will be examined by the UWV. When your employee is awarded a WIA benefit by the UWV, these costs will also be charged on to you. This period can continue up to a maximum of 10 years. You can take out an insurance at Anker covering this wholly or in part.

The twelve-year solution of Anker Crew Insurance consists of a sick leave insurance, a sickness benefit – self-insurance policy and a WGA self-insurance policy. You can decide to take out all three of the insurance solutions, by which you are covered for the full 12-year risk. We can provide you with a complete advice, where we will examine which risks you run and which insurance policies best suit this. In addition to these insurance policies, we can also provide you with absenteeism support services. Our services provide you with assistance to help your employee or former employee going back to work within the scope of his or her possibilities.

The benefits are

  • A one-stop shop insurance provider
  • Anker Absenteeism Support services
  • Know-how of the maritime sector
  • Digital point of contact for all your reports and notification
  • Incapacity benefit warrantee for the Sickness Benefits Act
  • Influence on rehabilitation
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