Sickness benefit insurance

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Sickness benefit insurance

The sickness benefit insurance  provides cover for benefits to employees with a fixed-term employment agreement who leave the employment being ill or fall ill within four weeks after leaving the employment. We pay the sickness benefit if they are entitled thereto and we organize the services to help these former employees to find work. That is beneficial for all parties involved because, if an occupational rehabilitation is successful, we may prevent prolonged occupational disability and a possible increase of the number of WGA claimants.

Becoming a self-insurer

When you become a self-insurer under the Sickness Benefits Act, you are responsible for determining the statutory right to a Sickness benefit and the level and duration thereof. The benefit is paid by you to sick former employees. You keep control by way of personal guidance, rehabilitation of sick former employees and by imposing a sanction if a person refuses to cooperate. When you take out the sickness benefit – self-insurance policy with us, these services are included as standard in the insurance policy.

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