Return to Work (Partially Disabled Persons) Regulations (WGA) insurance

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Return to Work (Partially Disabled Persons) Regulations (WGA) – insurance

Working at sea and ashore involves risks. Unfortunately, there is always the possibility that your crewmember or your office employee becomes unfit for work for a longer period. If after two years your employee is still not able to work fulltime, the Dutch Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) may award him a WGA benefit, which will be charged on to you for no more than 10 years. This regulation also applies for employees with a temporary employment contract who have left the employment due to illness. You may decide to become a WGA self-insurer and to take out insurance for this risk. With a WGA insurance you are covered for this financial risk and you will receive personal support in case of prolonged occupational disability of employees and former employees.

With the WGA insurance you are provided with cover for the benefits which the UWV pays to your sick employees and former employees. These benefits will be subsequently charged to you by the UWV. When you decide to become WGA self-insurer, you will no longer pay any contribution to the tax authorities for this risk.

Support by a WGA expert

If you become a WGA self-insurer, you will receive the personal assistance of a WGA expert.
This WGA expert:

  • Coordinates the rehabilitation procedure of the former employee or employee unfit for work
  • Renders support with your rights and obligations, such as the rehabilitation obligations. For instance, assistance in drawing up and optimizing the absenteeism and sanction policy
  • Arranges medical expertise, coaching, retraining and other specialized services to prevent or limit an increase of the number of WGA claimants
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