Employee insurance

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Employee insurance

With a WIA insurance solution you provide your employees with an attractive employee benefits and you show that you are a committed maritime employer. The government only provides a statutory WIA benefit for employees who, after two years, are still unfit for work for at least 35%. The benefits level depends on the employees possibilities as the WIA is aimed at motivating persons to work. In spite of the WIA benefit, occupational disability can have far-reaching consequences for your employees’ income. The crewmember who becomes partially unfit for work and does not find work for the part he is still able to work, according to the UWV, may even fall back to below the social security benefit level. A WIA insurance solution provides your employees with important financial security.

The WIA divides work-disabled employees in three groups and Anker Crew Insurance provides a solution for each group:

  • Up to 35% unfit for work

    The WIA supplementary insurance under 35% provides a benefit of 20% of the final wage (subject to a maximum).

  • 35% - 80% unfit for work

    The WGA shortfall insurance plus provide the security of an income of 70% of the final wage (subject to a maximum).

  • 35% - 100% unfit for work and an income of more than € 54,000

    The WIA supplementary insurance above the WIA wage limit provides a benefit for that part of the wage exceeding the WIA wage limit.

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