Your crewmember can become unfit for work due to an illness or an accident on board of a vessel. We provide an insurance solution for temporary and permanent disability.

Temporary disability

This insurance solution provides cover for your payment obligations with respect to your crewmember. During the period of illness your crewmember is entitled to continued payment of his wages. This insurance policy assures that the obligation to continue to pay wages is covered.

Permanent disability

This solution provides cover for your payment obligations with respect to your crewmember. We pay the mandatory contractual amounts if your crewmember becomes unfit for work. A crewmember can become wholly or partially unfit for work.

If your crewmember falls ill or has an accident, you can report this via Anker Alarm Service. Your crewmember will be taken from board via the radio medical service of the coast guard on duty or in the port in order to receive the medical care he needs.

Local laws and regulations

We offer specific (additional) solutions for obligations arising from local laws and regulations in the Philippines and in the Netherlands.


Philippine law provides extensive stipulations for Philippine persons working outside their own country. This should be given into consideration if you employ Philippine crewmembers! The insurances of Anker are tailored to these local laws and regulations. As the employer of Philippine employees you are covered by insurance in case your crewmembers become ill  or have an accident on board of your vessel. But also the handling of disputes via the NLRC and the outcome of court decisions are covered by our insurance. Click here if you require more information about our cover for Philippine crewmembers.

Dutch social insurance schemes

For Dutch employers sailing under Dutch flag we provide insurances which tie in with the Dutch social insurance schemes. Click here if you require more information about these insurance solutions.

Most important advantages are

  • 24/7 Anker Alarm Service
  • The best possible care for your crew
  • Designated contact person in case of illness or accident

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