Company health care insurance

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Company health care insurance

The company health care insurance solution is for all maritime employers with crewmembers and/or employees ashore. If you as employer wants to contribute actively to preventing, reducing or shortening the (imminent) occupational disability of an employee, it can be achieved with the company health care insurance solution.

As a maritime employer you run the risk that your employees are unfit for work due to illness. The company health care insurance policy of Anker Crew Insurance provides cover for certain costs which contribute substantially to a speedy recovery or to the prevention of sick absence. This insurance forms a unique part of our insurance solutions.

You receive a (partial) reimbursement for the costs incurred for medical care and services.

  • Medical care and reintegration activities

    In case of disability or imminent disability of an employee. This care and these reintegration activities should be aimed at the prevention, reduction or shortening of the (imminent) disability of an employee;

  • Preventive examinations

    These examinations should be aimed at the prevention of disability of an employee.

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