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Our insurance solutions

Anker provides maritime employers with insurance solutions for the (financial) consequences of illness, occupational disability, death and accidents of their employees. Our solutions are tailored to your contractual payment obligations arising from collective bargaining agreements, individual employment contracts, Maritime Labour Convention and local laws and regulations (Philippines and the Netherlands). Our insurances are provided without a deductible. Our focus is on the recovery of your crewmembers so that you are certain that they will receive the best possible care anywhere in the world.

Complementary to our insurance solutions, Anker Crew Insurance also provides Seacrew software for the administrative processes concerning crew management, crew planning and payroll of crew members.

Are you sailing under a Dutch flag?

Take a look at our insurance solutions for Dutch employers.

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Medical expenses and repatriation

If your crewmember has an accident or falls ill at work, we will compensate the (medical) expenses incurred by you.

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If your crewmember becomes temporarily or permanently unfit for work as a consequence of an accident or illness and is unable to perform any work.

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Death in service

If your crewmember unexpectedly passes away, we will provide a nonrecurring benefit which you can transfer to the surviving dependants.

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