Insurance solutions for Philippine crew

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Insurance solutions for Philippine crew

Philippine law provides extensive stipulations for Philippine persons working outside their own country. This should be given due consideration if you employ Philippine crewmembers! The insurances of Anker are tailored to these regulations. As the employer of Philippine employees you are covered by insurance in case your crewmembers become ill or have an accident on board of your vessel. But also the handling of disputes via the NLRC and the outcome of court decisions are covered by our insurance.


Anker Crew Insurance insures the obligations ensuing from the local laws and regulations in the Philippines; the POEA. This legislation applies to each Philippine crewmember, unrelated to the flag he is sailing under and independent of the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). A CBA or an individual employment agreement may exceed the obligations arising from the POEA. If that is the case the highest sums insured apply.

The POEA cover is as follows:

– Medical expenses and repatriation
– Medical expenses homeland
– Temporary disability: accident and illness
– Permanent disability: accident and illness
– Death in service: accident and illness

Migrant Workers Act Republic No. 10022

Anker Crew Insurance provides cover for the mandatory insurance under the Migrant Workers Act Republic No. 10022. If you insure the cover in accordance with the POEA obligations for your Philippine crew.

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