Seacrew Software

With Seacrew Crew Management Software, we provide the essential tools to enhance HR processes, designed specifically for maritime employers. The software’s inherent flexibility ensures its adaptability to meet the unique demands of any situation. Our extensive selection of modules and comprehensive authorization options enable us to offer tailor-made solutions, making our software a versatile choice across diverse sectors within the maritime industry. Our modules encompass Crewing, Planning, and Payroll Software.

In addition to offering expert advice, guidance, and seamless implementation of our proprietary software, we also undertake projects geared toward integrating our solution with other software platforms. In these projects, we adopt a pragmatic and transparent approach, striving to achieve optimal and efficient software utilization, ultimately minimizing time loss and reducing reliance on individual expertise.

After careful consideration, we will stop maintaining the Seacrew software and end the associated support as of January 1, 2026. We do not accept new clients.

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Crewing Software

In tomorrow’s world, more needs to be done, in an increasingly fast manner and with less manpower. Automation can support this process. In the maritime world, the crew is one of the critical success factors. Optimal deployment of this is crucial. Managing all crew data requires clarity, consistency and care. All relevant data of your crew members can be seen at a glance, such as name and address details, employment contracts, sailing qualifications, evaluations and availability. Alerts, such as expiry of certificates, sailing licences and inspections, are also displayed.

Planning Software

With our Planning Software, you can optimally schedule your crew members. You can search for suitable crew members based on function, availability, competences and/or training requirements. In addition to planned sailing periods, you can also see at a glance planned training and leave periods. You can arrange crew changes and crew planning from various angles, such as per ship, per team or per cluster planning.

Other options you will find in Seacrew Software include flight data, sailing days per rank or crew history on board.

Payroll Software

With our Payroll Software, you run your complete payroll for crew members right up to the salary-run that your administration (office) does for you. On a monthly basis, you can obtain an overview for submission to the payroll processor. This can be your own payroll, but it is also possible to provide a link between Seacrew’s payroll module and third-party payroll processing.

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