We are a Groningen-based company with an international atmosphere and an informal working environment with a focus on personal development, a no-nonsense mentality and short lines of communication. We’re strong believers in letting you organize your work the way you prefer.

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Our corporate culture blends a focus on both people and results, placing a strong emphasis on the people-centric approach. This philosophy permeates our mission and vision and is evident in our daily interactions with colleagues, clients, and partners.

An open corporate culture plays a vital role in preserving professional commitment, fostering a positive working atmosphere, and driving business growth. It’s imperative that everyone genuinely feels integrated into this culture.

Through equitable and transparent communication, robust values, and a dedication to professional growth and autonomy, Anker Insurance Company remains steadfast on its journey!

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Anker Insurance Company

Paterswoldseweg 812
PO Box 8002
9702 KA Groningen

Tel. +31 50 520 99 99