Governance & organisation

We have a Board of Directors and a Supervisory Board. The Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for day-to-day policy and overall management. The Supervisory Board oversees the activities as carried out by the Board of Directors and provides advice.


Board of directors

Annemiek van Dijk-Bos – Managing director
Norbert Schuur – Financial director
Joris Bos – Technical director

Supervisory Board

Martijn Steenkamp – Chairman
Guido Hollaar – Vice-chairman
Robbert Prins – Secretary


Marleen Lenting-Odink – manager Crew Solutions
Michelle Hillenaar – manager Insurance Solutions
Pascal Zegwaard – director Anker Rechtshulp
Esther Veenhouwer – manager Executive Office

Key functions

Tina Roeters – internal auditing
Jan Venema – risk management
Rutger Veenstra – compliance
Jàn Hooper – actuarial duties