The Anker Fonds foundation

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The Anker Fonds foundation

Anker wishes to be socially involved in inland shipping. The Stichting Anker Fonds (the Anker Fonds foundation) nicely links up with that idea. Stichting Anker Fonds is formed by the merger of the mutual medical insurance Het Anker from Groningen and the RZG Groningen. When these two organisations merged, a fund was created by setting apart part of the assets. The purpose of the foundation is to contribute (to a limited extent) to the costs of activities and facilities, by which the care and social welfare in inland shipping is supported.

The foundation’s objective is to look after the idealistic interests in general and in particular in the area of health care and well-being of all persons involved in inland shipping in the Netherlands. More information about Stichting Het Anker Fonds is to be found on its website.

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