Crewing software

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Crewing software

Complementary to our insurance solutions, Anker Crew Insurance also provides software for the administrative processes concerning crew management, crew planning and payroll of crew members. With our Crewing software you administer, manage and monitor all your crew data in one central place.

Managing the daily processes of crew is one of the most comprehensive tasks in the shipping industry, since each ship or each project sets different requirements, other skills and experiences for its crew. With our Crewing software you increase the transparency and reliability of your operational and administrative data.


Why our Crewing software

  • Internationally deployable software for small and large businesses
  • Provides a quick insight in and overview of all your crew data
  • Fully integrated crew registration system
  • Available on every IT infrastructure, also on your own server or in the cloud
  • 24/7 Support desk worldwide for all your questions
  • User-friendly and conveniently arrangements
  • MLC compliant
  • STCW compliant

The most significant modules

The most significant modules of the Crewing software are crewing, planning and payroll. Whithin these modules the software offers many functions and quick reports. Keeping track of the crewmembers on board your ships, having an overview of all important documents and having a link with your payroll processing will facilitate your daily activities.
Managing your crew quickly and simply. In addition, you can export reports and lists quickly and simply.

For the calculation of the daily premium for your crew insurances you can export the crew lists just by one mouse click and provide these lists to Anker Crew Insurance. Besides, extra modules are available for claims, illness and accidents of your employees. The Crewing software is scalable and has been set up as a modular system. This way you will only buy what you really need. Systems integration with other software is also an option.

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