Compliments, complaints and suggestions

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Compliments, complaints and suggestions

We would like to hear from you whether you are satisfied or dissatisfied with our services. That way we get to know what we do well, but especially what we can do better.

With complaints we do everything we can to give you an appropriate answer and solve your problem. Our definition of the term ‘complaint’ is: any form of dissatisfaction expressed by you. You can make a complaint, but also a complement or suggestion by filling in the form below ‘compliment, complaint or suggestion’.

When you have a complaint

Anker Crew Insurance is committed to executing its services at as high a level as possible. Unfortunately, you may not be satisfied with the way we have handled your insurance application or claim for compensation.

It is important to discuss this as soon as possible with the employee concerned, so that together you can see whether you find a solution. If you are still not satisfied, you can submit your complaint to our complaints management department. Subsequently, we will handle your complaint as soon as possible.

How to submit a complaint

When you have a complaint, you can inform us by filling in the online complaints form below, or by sending an email to We will contact you within three working days to discuss your complaint and to try and find a solution together with you. Click here to read our complaints policy.

Compliment, complaint or suggestion

Compliment, complaint or suggestion

Do you have a compliment, complaint or suggestion about our services? Then we would like to hear from you. In this way we can continue to improve our services. Via the form below you can communicate your opinion, question or suggestion to us.

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