Anker Crew Insurance and Seacrew join forces

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Anker Crew Insurance and Seacrew join forces

Anker Crew Insurance and Seacrew are jointly going to do what they are good at: serving maritime employers. This collaboration enables Anker Crew Insurance to take the next step to arrive at a whole set of complementary insurances and services for maritime employers. By cooperating closely with Seacrew, the connection with an efficient working and developed crew registration system will be realized. Joining forces provides additional opportunities in the area of planning, payroll administration and ticketing.


Seacrew is a Dutch company which since 1998 has marketed software specifically for the maritime sector. Seacrew focuses on automated setup and streamlining of administrative processes round
crew management, crew planning, crew on board (work / rest hours) and payroll of crew members. In addition, Seacrew offers integration with travel agents. Its customers include shipping companies, port facilities and towing services, onshore and offshore companies, dredging, crewing and manning agents.
Sjoerd Zijlstra, managing director of Anker, about the collaboration with Seacrew: ‘We are convinced that this pooling of resources will lead to a strengthening of both parties. And it will enable us to offer our maritime customers an even better service.”


The history of Anker goes back to 1907, when a number of Northern Netherlands shipowners decided to jointly bear the possible consequences of risks. They did so on the basis of trust, commitment and reciprocity, which still represent Anker’s core values. Anker Verzekert has two main activities: Anker Crew Insurance and Anker Rechtsbijstand (legal assistance). Both activities have their origin in the maritime sector.

Anker Crew Insurance

Anker Crew insurance provides insurance cover for crew members employed by maritime employers, both in a national and in an international context. The insurance policies provide solutions in case of illness, accidents, occupational disability and death. In addition, Anker provides assistance to the employer in areas such as occupational rehabilitation, prevention of employee absence and data processing. Distribution (sales, provision of advice and guidance) takes place directly as well as through intermediaries. Anker has a broad network of joint venture partners, both in the Netherlands and abroad. For instance, in the Philippines Anker works in close cooperation with AIM.

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