Fraud policy

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Fraud policy

Trust is one of the most important elements the relationship between Anker Crew Insurance and her clients is based upon. If you apply for an insurance at Anker, we trust that you provide us with all the required and correct information. Also in case you report a claim to us, we expect you to inform us correctly. Thus we can handle your claim fast and without any hassle.

The reality

Unfortunately, it is a fact that a small part of the policyholders or insured abuse this trust by committing fraud. The Dutch Association of Insurers, which represents the interests of private insurance companies operating in the Netherlands, has investigated the scale of fraud in the Netherlands. This investigation shows that 12% of the Dutch admit that they commit fraud with insurances. As a result of this swindling, insurers in the Netherslands lose 1 billion euros annually. Fraud thus increases the contributions burden (you will have to pay more premium because of this) and is socially unacceptable.

What do we mean by fraud?

With fraud, we mean that someone is consciously causing damage to Anker for ones ownd (or someone eslses) financial benefit.. One speakes of fraud in case of deliberate misrepresentation of facts:

  • Providing incomplete and/or incorrect information;
  • Not honestly telling what has happened;
  • To falsify invoices or to alter amounts on invoices;
  • To claim a higher amount than the actual damage;
  • To claim a damage that was earlier rejected, this time with other circumstances, possibly another claim date;
  • To stage a damage.

As mentioned above, we presume trust. Sometimes we get the impression that a claim is not entirely correct. This happens because we document every claim very carefully. If we get that impression, then we always start up an investigation.

What measures do we take?

In case of fraud there are a number of measures that we can take, such as:

  • rejecting a claim and not paying fort he damage;
  • reclaim a benefit that was paid out;
  • charge extra costs made via a liability claim;
  • terminate the insurance;
  • file a police report;
  • report the fraud in the central fraud reporting system of the Foundation Central Information System.

Registration of frauds

We have our own system in which we register fraud cases. Next to this we can report the fraud at the Foundation Central Information System and at Centrum Bestrijding Verzekeringsfraude (Centre of Combatting Insurance Fraud) of the Dutch Association of Insurers. By doing so, other insurers operating in the Netherlands are also warned.

Fraud protection because we have to

We must stand up against fraud. We owe it to the society and to our well-willing clients. Therefore, Anker Crew Insurance maintains an active fraud policy and takes measures against any form of fraude.

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