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Why Anker Crew Insurance

As a crew insurance provider for over 110 years, Anker has provided insurance cover worldwide for crewmembers employed by maritime employers. Anker provides maritime employers with insurance solutions for the consequences of illness, occupational disability, death and accidents of their crewmembers. Our solutions are tailored to your payment obligations arising from collective and individual employment agreements and local laws and regulations. In addition, we provide solutions in the area of income and care of your crewmembers.

About Anker Crew Insurance
Worldwide crew insurer
Maritime employers from 20 countries
All maritime subsectors
24/7 Anker Alarm Service
Crewmembers from 71 countries
More than 27,000 crew members

The people behind Anker Crew Insurance

Maritime expertise, century-long experience and teamwork throughout the world form the success of our organisation! We are proud of the people who enable the services we provide to our customers.

Annemiek van Dijk-Bos
Egbert Maalderink
account director / consultant
Marian Kregel

How do we ensure the best insurance solutions?

  • 01 For whom we perform work
  • 02 Anker Alarm Service
  • 03 AIM on crew recovery
  • 04 Brokers
For whom we perform work

We have insurance solutions for all maritime employers with employees employed as seafarers and related maritime employees. We perform work for crewing agents, commercial shipping industry, shipping companies, manning agents, offshore businesses, fishing industry, offshore hydraulic engineering, yachting, cruise lines, ferry lines and other maritime related businesses. In addition, we work together with brokers working throughout the entire world.

Anker Alarm Service

With the Anker Alarm Service we provide you with a 24/7 service in case of illness or an accident of your crewmembers. If there is an emergency and a crewmember needs help, please contact us. Our Anker Alarm Service can be reached 24 hours a day at telephone number +31 50 520 99 04. During office houres you can also report illness/accident online. We are always available to help you!

AIM on crew recovery

In addition to our insurance solutions, we aim to support you as far as possible. Based on this idea we have entered into a close cooperation with AIM located in Manila. AIM provides care and support on the spot to repatriated Philippine crewmembers. AIM assists your crewmembers, arranges transportation and accommodation, makes appointments with physicians and makes sure that your employee will be rapidly deployable again by receiving the right care.

More about AIM on crew recovery

We attach great value to the collaboration with specialized brokers in the maritime sector. They know you and the maritime sector better than anyone. They play an important role in identifying the risks you are exposed to and have knowledge of the insurance solutions that can absorb the potential consequences of these risks.


Brokers we work with

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